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switch to PowerOShea

If you're not happy with your existing agent's performance, or the service you are receiving and would like to benefit from our extensive experience and customer focussed approach, we've made it as easy as we can for you to switch to poweroshea.

You don't always have to wait

You don't have to wait for your current agent's agreement to finish before you switch to a different agent – you can appoint an additional or alternative agent at any time. However, in most instances this will mean you'll be liable to pay more than one agent the agreed fee. If that's not something you would consider, you can give your existing agent the required notice to terminate and wait till their sole period has expired before you switch to another agent.

Click here to download a letter which you can amend and send to your current agent to terminate their agreement.

Do read and consider the terms of your contract

It's important you check the terms of your contract very carefully. We would be happy to help you cut through the jargon and advise you free of charge on another agent's agreement and the options available to you. Simply email your current contract to us or drop it into our office.

Talk to us

Let us know in plenty of time when your current contract is due to end, as this will enable us to prepare our paperwork, marketing material and organise an advertising schedule for you in advance. Contact us for more information.

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